Kinabalu Guerillas : Albert Kwok

Posted on March 16, 2012


Compiled by : Justin Sunam Wong

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Source : Maxwell Hall

Albert Kwok Fen Nam was the leader of the Kinabalu Guerillas. He was born in Kuching, Sarawak, where his father was a dentist. In the late 1930s (1), Albert Kwok was living in China and it was there that he learned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He was said to have been a very successful TCM Doctor in Nanking, Hankow and Canton(2). While in China, Kwok was said to have been involved in anti-Japanese activities.

According to another local source, Kwok also learned the art of healing haemorrhoidal in Penang(3). When he was in Penang, we are unsure at the time of this writing.

On 15 May 1941, Kwok who was only 19 then, came to Jesselton from Kuching. He met Chia Yit Teck at his photo studio and Chia provided lodging to Kwok for a week. His first patient was one Lee Yun Siew of M/s Kwong Hiap Hin, who was a prominent businessman. In early June 1941, Lee came to Kwok with his haemorrhoidal problem. Within two weeks of consultation, Kwok had cured Lee of his ailment. From thereon, Kwok became well known among the locals. It was said that he charged $60/- for his service, that was a huge sum in those days (3).

Kwok would later practice his TCM from his home in Kampung Ayer and later, Signal Hill. Kwok would later befriended Lim Keng Fatt, who would had been 49 years old then. The young Albert Kwok would look up to Lim Keng Fatt as his advisor while Chia Yit Teck would be his right hand man and secretary in the Kinabalu Guerillas (3).

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